Phillips Hardware Tips: Pool Chemicals

Phillips Hardware Azure Pool ChemicalsDid you know that not all pool chemicals are created equal?  Unlike other brands, Azure brand pool chemicals are proudly made in West Virginia.  Azure brand pool chemicals use only the purest raw materials without fillers or byproducts to produce the best quality pool chemicals available; giving you the best value to treat your pool for less money with fewer headaches!  Why buy chemicals that use fillers and byproducts to add weight to their products?  Why buy chemicals that you will end up having to buy twice as many to treat your pool?  Choose a brand you can trust, choose Azure brand pool chemicals.

For example, let’s see how the competitions 3” chlorine tablets stack up to Azure brand 3” chlorine tablets.  Azure brand 3” chlorine tablets are packaged in buckets with easy open lids and are individually wrapped for easy application.  The big box and online retailers typically sell tablets in difficult to open buckets and the tablets aren’t individually wrapped.  Azure 3” chlorine tablets are a full 8 ounces, which means they treat more pool water than the smaller tablets sold at big box and online stores.  This means that when you purchase a 25lbs bucket of chlorine tablets you are receiving a full 25lbs of 3” chlorine tablets, that’s 50 individually wrapped 3” chlorine tablets per 25lbs bucket!  More and more tablets are now 7 ounce or less!  You will now have to buy more tablets to treat your pool.  99% of the weight of each Azure 3” tablets is Trichloro-s-triazinetrione, compare that to the big box and internet sites which barely top 84%!  This all means that Azure brand 3”chlorine tablets give you more chlorine for your dollar than the bargain brands.  Use one Azure 3” chlorine tablet per 10,000 gallons of water each week to maintain a free chlorine reading in your pool.

Did you know that approximately 90% of the chlorine you use in your swimming pool goes to fight algae?  This means that only 10% is available for oxidizing other undesirable materials in your pool.  These other undesirable materials include waste products (like sweat), suntan lotion and most importantly bacteria and other water borne pathogens.  This is why you need to shock your pool on a weekly basis.  By shocking your pool on a weekly basis you are chemically cleaning your pool water of these undesirable materials.  Azure brand Shox-All-Plus is the best choice for shocking your pool.  Unlike the bag shocks sold at the big box stores and online retailers, Azure brand Shox-All-Plus is pH neutral and contains a proprietary blend of clarifiers to help your pool sparkle like never before!  Since Azure brand Shox-All-Plus is pH neutral it won’t harm your vinyl liner!  And unlike other less expensive bag shocks Azure brand Shox-All-Plus won’t cloud your water.  Use one 1lbs bag of Azure Shox-All-Plus per 10,000 gallons of pool water each week for sparkling results!

Algae are one celled plants that can turn your beautiful blue pool to a green mess in as little as one day!  Did you know that millions of algae spores are carried by the wind everyday into outdoor swimming pools!   Your best course of action is to use algaecide!  But why buy big bulky 1 gallon jugs of algaecide?  Try Azure Poly 60 algaecide and stop lugging around those jugs!  Unlike the typical 1 gallon jug of algaecide Azure Poly 60 algaecide will not cause foaming in your pool, and unlike other algaecides Azure Poly 60 algaecide does not contain metals which can potentially leave unsightly stains on your pool surfaces!  Use 4 ounces per 10,000 gallons of pool water each week to keep the algae spores from turning your crystal blue pool into a green swamp!

Stop into your local Phillips Hardware location today and ask for a free computerized water test and float trouble free through summer using Azure brand pool chemicals!

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