Want to spruce up your laundry room in the basement but concerned about all the snow leaking into your space? Ten loads of laundry would take just over 12 hours to complete. That is a lot of time spent in a damp and dreary space.
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Lawn Fertilizer
Phillips Hardware stores carry the exclusive Scotts Step Program.  It is a wonderful tool for the DIY home owner that wants to create a lawn that leaves their neighbors envious.
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Painting Tips
Both latex and oil-based paints are available in a variety of different glosses, which determines the luster or shininess of dry paint. The sheen of paint also determines its ability to hide flaws and how easy it is to clean.
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Get Rid of Ants, Wasps, Spiders and other Insects
Spring has finally sprung, our customers are gearing up for a season of outdoor fun.  Whether you’re barbecuing or simply relaxing on your patio, nothing crashes a party like an onslaught of insects.
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Pool Chemicals
Did you know that not all pool chemicals are created equal?  Unlike other brands, Azure brand pool chemicals are proudly made in West Virginia.  Azure brand pool chemicals use only the purest raw materials without fillers or byproducts to produce the best quality pool chemicals available; giving you the best value to treat your pool for less money with fewer headaches!
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Fruit Fly Facts
The fruit fly is a species of the common housefly known as Drosophila melanogaster (try saying that three times fast!) and is distinguished by its red eyes (dark-colored in some species) tan thorax and black abdomen.
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Winterize Your Home
You’ll get a season’s worth of savings and peace of mind by taking a few steps in the fall to get your home ready for cold weather.
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Ice Melting
The name brand will vary between your local hardware stores but there will normally be a rock salt, calcium blend and calcium concentrate and an alternative ice melter product. Your local hardware store clerk can explain it in more detail if needed.
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Snow Shovels
Ergonomic may not mean easy. Bent handles can make the pushing angle hard to adjust, and twisting the shovel to toss snow aside can be difficult. A shorter handle makes snow-throwing easier; longer is better for pushing.
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