Phillips Hardware Tips: Ice Melting

Know your Ice Melter and Shovels facts for this Winter
The name brand will vary between your local hardware stores but there will normally be a rock salt, calcium blend and calcium concentrate and an alternative ice melter product. Your local hardware store clerk can explain it in more detail if needed.

Rock Salt – Works effectively to 20 degrees
Economical for large applications. Corrosive to concrete over the long term. White residue left behind.

Road Runner – Works effectively to minus 15 degrees
Economical “chloride” product. Contains Calcium and Magnesium Chloride pellets. Generates melting heat when exposed to moisture (liquid or frozen). Safe on streets, driveways, sidewalks, and concrete steps. It is colorless and odorless when dissolved.

Prestone Driveway Heat – Works effectively to minus 25 degrees
Premium concentrated blend of primarily Calcium Chloride for faster action. It melts 4 times more ice than equal weight of Rock Salt. Safe on streets, driveways, sidewalks, and concrete steps and will not damage trees, shrubs or grass.

Ice B Gone Magic – Works effectively to minus 30 degrees
Starts out as ordinary rock salt, then is treated with a liquid, agricultural by-product of the distilling process blended with magnesium chloride. It does not refreeze because the brine stays fluid. It is safe for concrete, landscape and pet friendly and doesn’t track like other products. 90% less corrosive than salt and leaves no visible residue and is safe to handle.

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